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Build Your Business From The Heart ~ 5 Key Concepts

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Build Your Business From The Heart ~ 5 Key Concepts

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Taken from the “E-Zine ~ Insights To Create A Conscious Business (Thank you Anita Crawford-Clark)

( Taken  from page 31 ) Growing Your Business From the Heart is Key to a Successful Long-Term Business.

  1. Heart – listen to your head but follow your heart
  2. Energy – Put your energy into projects that make your heart sing. Don’t say “yes” when your heart says “no.”
  3. Authenticity – Be sure everything you do (and say) is authentically you.
  4. Relationship – Focus on building relationships instead of your “list.” The list will grow organically as you deepen your connections.  This can be as simple as sending out a weekly newsletter with just the right mix of personal connections, valuable information, and a sprinkle of humor.
  5. Truth – Tell the truth.  Grow your business with integrity.

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