Savvy Apps

Those Savvy Apps!

I have subscribed to Kim Komando for years now - and she has sent out a bucket load of Great Apps - so I thought I would share them with you here:

Text To Text for Iphone

Hang up the phone and start letting your fingers do the talking. Talk To makes it possible to contact businesses via text for appointments, reservations or to ask questions.  Available from Itunes . . . . 

When using the app, just type in the name of the business you would like to contact. Compose and send your message, and a representative will text you back with an answer. You will never have to hear annoying on-hold music ever again!


Look Out App For Mobile

Hackers are writing viruses and releasing malicious apps for smartphones and tablets. This puts your sensitive data at risk. Lookout Mobile Security can help keep your phone safe.  Available from Itunes . . . .  

The Free version has antivirus and anti-spyware capability. It also backs up your contact data and it can help locate a missing or stolen smartphone.

For $30 a year, you can upgrade to the premium version for Android. This adds a privacy advisor for vetting third-party apps, and it can backup photos and call history. You can also perform a remote wipe or lock on the phone.

Avast App For Android

The same company that makes one of the best free antivirus suites provides protection for Android phones. But you'll get much more than just virus protection from avast! Mobile Security.  From Google . . . . 

This program offers privacy reports, SMS and call filtering, anti-spyware and even a firewall. avast! also offers theft protection by disguising itself, establishing a list of trusted SIM cards and allowing remote settings changes.



Find My Iphone Apps

Of all the gadgets to get lost or stolen, your iPhone is probably the worst. Not only was it expensive, but it likely has lots personal information on it. So now, you're out that money and at risk.  Available from Itunes . . . . 

Thankfully, you can track your device online with Find My iPhone. You can remotely make the phone play sounds if you think it is nearby. If your view is less optimistic, you can find your phone using its GPS coordinates.

If your device is running iOS 6, the app will include Lost Mode, which locks your phone and displays a number to contact on the lock screen. Lost Mode will also keep track of your phone's location history. Now you'll know exactly where you lost it or track the thief who took it.

Additionally, the app lets you wipe your device remotely. It might be too late to recover the gadget, but at least you can delete your sensitive data.

This app isn't just limited to phones; you can also put it on the iPad and iPod touch. Just be sure this app is enabled in the iCloud settings, or else it won't work.

Last Password AppThe strongest passwords are sets of unique, random numbers, letters and characters, the longer the better. It also helps to not use the same password for multiple user accounts.  Available from Itunes . . . 

Unfortunately, that makes it very difficult to remember each password, let alone which is which. Instead, try LastPass. It stores all your passwords across your devices, so you only have to remember one: "Your LastPass Password."

LastPass also works on your computer! Check it out here.

Folder Lock AppIf you've had an iPhone for more than a week, you know how much stuff gets on it. You can have loads of personal information. Then there are all your pictures, videos and documents.  Available from Itunes . . . 

On your computer, you have ways to encrypt these files. That requires a password to be view them. With this app, you can do the same thing on your phone.  Folder Lock has a self-explanatory name. With it on your iPhone, you can password-lock pretty much any file. Just tap on Folder Lock and enter your password. You have access to your stuff.

You can also use Folder Lock as a wireless transfer system to your computer. You only need to be on the same wireless network. Then you can beam files back and forth between your phone and computer.

Kim Komando has a lot of very verifiable information - you can sign up for her Tip Of The Day and or her Newsletter!  But I wanted to give you a flavoring of the type of info she offers!  And it is "FREE"!  The more savvy we become, the more apps we find, the better off we are!

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