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Mobile Stands Tall in the Marketing World

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Mobile Stands Tall in the Marketing World

Doing business on Mobile while waiting

Mobile Stands Tall in the Marketing World

There is so much information on the internet about Mobile Marketing – and there is good reason for this!  But I have to tell you, you business owners, please ask yourself these questions:
  • What are your clients and prospective clients using for internet access?   Smart Phones, Tablets, Laptops or Computer . . .
  • Are you waiting for them to get home and get online to visit your Facebook, website, or other social media networks?
  • Are you using QR codes in your advertising, flyers, email signature etc.?
  • Do you have an email sign up sheet so you can be notifying them of specials or discounts?
  • If you have a mobile app are they getting push notifications from you?

Look at this info graphic – it speaks volumes – if you don’t have a mobile app you need one!  Click Right Here to sign up for your Apple & Droid Mobile App!  But first check out this Infographic!

Mobile Stands Tall in the Mrketing World

What’s interesting to me, is the many business owners base their needing a mobile app on their own type of usage!  That is a huge error!  Just because you don’t utilize the mobile app’s in your smartphone, or you don’t do any of your social media via your phone, doesn’t mean that your clients / prospective clients don’t!  Also, the issue may be that you haven’t really identified your target audience.  And that is a HUGE mistake.

You write to your target audience.  While your product or service can service “anyone” “anyone” isn’t your target audience.  I target the boomer entrepreneur – even though I have clients of all ages – I write to the boomer entrepreneur – I am a boomer entrepreneur and I can relate to their misgivings, their business issues and information, to their lack of technology expertise etc.  Some of my boomer entrepreneurs are very mobile – but not all –

So I ask you – Who is your target audience?  Is your target audience one of the “Mobile” Community?  I am excited about my mobile app and will let you all know when it is live!  In the meantime, click right here to get started with your very own Mobile App!  

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