It’s Not About The Numbers, It’s All About Engagement & Relationships!

With the huge push to be social, and join different social media networks, it is still confusing and overwhelming to many.

Word of mouth is so powerful!

I am going to provide a link to a presentation that is well worth watching.  It really explains in "Plain English" what Social Media is, and the power of it!

Some pointers taken from the presentation:

  • Align your efforts with your current business strategy
  • Ensure your entire company is on "Linked In" - Did you know that 80% of employers use Linked in for prospective new hires?
  • This is the "Age of Free" What can you give away?  Tips, specials, discounts, etc.
  • Don't try to be everywhere!  It is IMPOSSIBLE!
  • Stop Viewing as a tool or channel - It's a RELATIONSHIP!

I would also like to add some additional words of wisdom:

  • Set up a designated time frame to engage in your social networking - it doesn't have to be daily, but it needs to be consistent
  • Add content that will help others - pay it forward
  • Don't look at this as acquiring numbers - who cares?  10 quality referrals does more then 100 followers
  • If your business is in Network Marketing, show the power of your business, stop the hype about earning thousands of dollars a month - we all know that isn't true - people want quality and there are many reputable network marketing companies out there, don't give them a bad rep
  • Be proactive - take time to learn what you need to learn about social marketing, know that getting in front of people on the internet opens up your business nationally
  • You have an image - make sure that image is a reputable one, integrity, honesty, goes the extra mile etc.
  • Stop thinking about what you get in return!  You will glean the cream of the crop when you stop thinking in terms of what is in it for me - think of what I can help you with!

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