A New Year Is Upon Us!

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Now is the time to sit and reflect what your Business Goals for 2011 will be.

But first, I want you to sit back and make a list – doesn’t have to be pretty, or wording spelled correctly, but, I want you to be totally honest with yourself.

Yes, that means that you need to take the time for reflection, for deep thought and for self evaluation.

Ask yourself the following questions:

  • Did you meet or exceed your business goals for 2010
  • If not (why not?)  Be really really honest here, there could be numerous valid reasons why some of the goals were not met but you need to write this down
  • If so (what did meet that goal and how did it exceed expectations?  Another words, what went right?
  • Did you have business goals written down or were they all in your head – and that is where they stayed?
  • Were your business goals lined up with your business mission statement – here is a thought – what is your mission statement for your business?  Do you have one?  If not why not?  If so, is it a working mission statement?  Or, does your mission statement misrepresent your business entity

As a busy small business entrepreneur, time seems to fly by.  Even with great scheduling and clarity, things do go astray – and the one thing that is very common amongst the small business entrepreneur is the LACK of writing and defining goals, mission and projections.

2nd Part . . . . .

  1. Establish your 2011 Mission Statement and WRITE IT DOWN!
  2. Create 3 – 5 goals that you want to accomplish – but break this down – what do you want to achieve the 1st quarter?  What do you want to achieve in the next 6 – 12 months?
  3. How are you going to measure the success of your goals and the processes that it took to accomplish them?

3rd Step . . . . .

  • Marketing – first you need some type of budget – please designate a monthly amount or yearly, but write it down and be prepared to spend dollars wisely
  • Update all marketing materials – business cards, brochures, website, newsletter lists etc.
  • Evaluate what you need to acquire from the internet – example:  facebook fan page, twitter, email marketing – learn to build your virtual network – this is an added plus for your business marketing needs – not only do you get to learn about others, but you can add tips, tricks, words of wisdom, links, and numerous great content on a more personal level
  • Establish what you want to do with the marketing – you need to advertise, but advertise wisely, us small business entrepreneurs have a limited budget but we do know the value of advertising, whether it is on the internet, in a newspaper or magazine you need to follow through and update your content.
  • Schedule appointments for yourself to do your computer work – the emailing, blogging, networking etc.  Do not tell me that you are too busy to handle email – you are simply stabbing yourself in the foot with that excuse – the only person that is going to lose out on this is YOU – when people email you and you don’t respond, you have lost a potential client

This is what I have found . . . . .  As a small business entrepreneur you wear  many hats – you can become so embroiled in your  business, that you cease to be the CEO and actually become the “employee” of the business.  Looking outside that box, being creative, offering internship to college students or high school seniors is just one way you can move some of those daily business chores to someone other then yourself.

One of the main things I do when working with a business owner is to evaluate their business, their processes, their forms of marketing and advertising.  This is crucial because when I make my recommendations for their business I take into account financing, time, area’s of expertise, project management etc.

My goal is to provide feedback and assistance that will help YOU with your business growth and success.  But that person needs to be  willing to follow the recommendations and work at creating their business reputation.

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