Free Is Not Free!

Free is NOT Free! 

How many times have you clicked on a link (which takes you to the page you need to access) and you are stopped dead in your tracks by a popup asking for your name and email address?

That is NOT FREE!  I get so discouraged I just click off.  Obviously, I found something you wrote interesting and would like to see the rest of the information – what I did not do was ask to be on any of your email lists!  It isn’t just a few that are doing this it is a majority!  By placing the popup on the screen asking for your email and name, you have just lied to your prospective client.

That doesn’t sit well with me.  You are assuming (in my own opinion) that I can’t make an informed decision to sign up for your email newsletters or notifications – after I read the “FREE” content.

Unique It pays to be differentNews flash!  You do not have to do things the way everyone else does!  I always ask a prospective client “How are you unique?”  This is important to me – why?  Because if you don’t have something “unique” that you become noted for – you are just another fish in the sea.

I also ask “Why would I use your service or product over someone else who has the same service and or product?

Don’t insult me by saying “my product or service is cheaper!”  Cost is NOT a factor.  So what are some key factors that you need to promote?

  • Trust – this is huge – how are are you going to build trust between yourself and a prospective client?
  • Value – what are you bringing to the table?
  • Relationships – are you on the social networks that your prospective clients are?  Are you engaging and offering some great tips and info (absolutely FREE) on these social networks?

How are you going to actually build up this network:

  • Focus on the Right people!  Many entrepreneurs will tell me “Everyone” is their client!  Well, technically, that is true!  But you can’t speak to everyone!  You have to pinpoint the largest group of people that you connect with personally and speak to them!  Everyone can understand and read your information and content – but everyone is not your Target Audience!
  • Research the Social Networks that your target audience resides on.  Click here for 2018 stats 
  • For your 60+ Social Networking Sites list and explanations Click Right Here
  • An entire list of Social Networking Sites – WOW!
  • Pay it Forward – not expecting anything back!  That is true giving!  Post a great tip – share a link that you find helpful
  • For an article on “The 7 Ways to Build a Strong Network” Click right here 

It takes a lot of work in creating your internet presence – Building trust and relationships has nothing to do with acquiring an email address – it has everything to do with building trust – building great content – being truthful.

Make your FREE absolutely FREE!

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