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Building RelationsipsBuilding Relationships!

This is key to your business success!  I get asked all the time - "Why do I need to spend time building up my connections?"  Well, I want to say right back "Why Not?"  You see, you go to a networking event to meet people!  You carry your business cards everywhere you go!  Why is that?  So you can start building up your connections.

But I have to ask you . . . .  "Is attending these networking events working for you?"  I would have to say that for most people it isn't.  And I would say that the reason why is that there is one key ingredient that get's left out!

Building up your connections is more then just getting names and email addresses!  It is more then just throwing yourself at others to "Gain A Sale".

It is "ALL" about building a relationship!  That is where the Internet comes in!  Yeah, it takes time!  You need to build up your base!  But it is so very worth it!  When you connect with:

  • Conviction
  • Caring
  • Learning more about an individual
  • Move away from the "Get The Sale" feature
  • Move to "Acquire A Friend" feature!

You know, building a base of loyal customers and clients will set the tone of your business structure!  Truly caring about your customers and clients means more than any dollar value!  This is what I want to share with you!

You have to take the time to participate in social media.  For some, LinkedIn is a great tool and relationship builder!  For others it is Facebook!  Or possibly Pinterest - but for any social media network that you belong to, you need to show substance!  You need to share a tip and you need to provide others with value!

Yep, this definitely takes time - it takes devotion - it takes commitment.  But your business is worth it!  The Internet is  Building Relationshipsanother marketing tool that you CANNOT IGNORE!  So lets name a few things that you need to do:

  • Optimize your LinkedIn profile for best people search findings - you need to show up on the 1st page of the people searches - Here is an example
  • Build up your LinkedIn connections - truly take the time to build this - with over 171,000,000 LinkedIn professionals in this professional network - I am sure that you can find people with the same interests, subject matter, issues and tips
  • Learn how to navigate the social media network that you are in - "very very important"
  • Sign up for applicable Webinars to assist you in the area's that you need help in
  • Register for a class where you bring your laptop and learn how to navigate, utilize and put to the test what you learn in class
  • Subscribe to newsletters that will give you additional idea's and knowledge to assist you in business matters
  • Be consistent across the board - Your "Keywords" that you use to describe what you do need to appear in "ALL" of your social media profiles
  • Set aside time each day or week to participate in your Social Media Networks
  • Set an appointment for yourself so you won't flake out - write it on your calendar, put in your daytimer, your Iphone or android!  Whatever you are using to track your daily/weekly appointments
With all that said - knowing how to navigate the internet, utilize the different tools that are there to assist you are key to your business growth.

As a baby boomer, we were not raised with technology!  We were raised with the pencil and pad!

Yep, the typewriter was there, but when that electric typewriter came on the scene we thought we were in seventh heaven!  Then when the automatic corrective tape mechanism was incorporated with the electric typewriter we thought we were smoking hot!

Yes, you can chuckle - it just so happens that I have been in computers since I was 19!  But that isn't the norm for us baby boomers - and especially women.  Yet, us baby boomers are leading the way with small business start-ups!  We have a boat load of experience, skills and knowledge - now we just need to apply that to the techie side of things and we become unstoppable!

So my fellow baby boomer audience, take a moment, sit back, grab that pen or whip out the laptop and start writing out your questions, the things that you need to learn - to navigate, to participate, to strengthen your internet presence!

Let me know what you need!  I give small classes to help "YOU" become more techie and affluent with the Internet.  But you have to commit!  Without commitment, this will not work for you!

  • Do you Blog?
  • Do you want to Blog?
  • Do you have a LinkedIn profile - and don't know what to do with it?
  • Have you joined a LinkedIn group?
  • Do you have a Company page on LinkedIn?
  • Do you participate on Facebook?
  • Do you have a company page on Facebook?
  • Do you have a Google + Profile?
  • Do you Twitter?
  • Do you have a You Tube Account?
  • Are you PINNING????
  • Do you Skype?
Remember, it isn't necessarily "who you know" it is "who they know" that will be your marketing strategy!  Click Here to Build Relationships with Me on LinkedIn!  Building Relationships is what Social Media is all about!


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