Why Build Up Your LInked In Connections?

Linked In is a very powerful professional network - the most powerful business professional network there is on the web.  With over 175,000,000 professionals you would think that people would take this seriously. What I mean by that is this:

Judy's Linked In Connections

  • Creating an Optimized Profile - what do I mean by that?  Well, there is a thing called "people search" in the upper right hand corner of your linked in home page - and people use this to find others who provide the services and or products that the searcher needs - but if you put "In Your Headline" President / CEO of XYZ Company - how are they going to find you?
  • They do not know your name, nor do they know that you are the president of a company, but what they do know is that they are looking for an electrician in Sacramento or a holistic health professional in Elk Grove.
  • Part of your optimization is creating a "Headline of "Key Words" "Those words that people use to find someone like you - but they aren't looking for a CEO nor do they know your name!
  • There are more steps to optimizing your profile, but it starts with the Headline!  So look below to see how to optimize your LinkedIn Headline.
  • Please, Please, Please put up your picture!!!  You may have a great profile - but without a picture it turns away would be connections
  • Make sure you utilize the (3) spaces for your website info - When you are configuring your (3) different website url's- pick the "Other" category - a 2nd box opens for you to type a descriptive heading in.
  • Why build up your connections?  Well, do you want to get be in touch with as many people as you can?  If you have 50 connections your database (3) levels deep is not going to be substantial
  • You can also export your connections - the names and email addresses of your 1st level connections and upload them to your Email Marketing Program - what a phenomenal tool!  Connecting with your 1st Level Connections is imperative for you to touch base and to get some dialogue going.
  • Need an Email Marketing Program?  Check out the Constant Contact Banner in the sidebar.

I am inserting the Linked In Infographic for "Optimizing Your Headline" below!

LinkedIn Headline Optimization

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