8 Types of Blog Titles that get Clicked!

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I subscribe to Tfollower and Brandon Gaille posts the best infographics and topics around this one I had to share - your Blog Titles are just as important as your Blog Content.. This is one of Brandon's Infographics and I had to share it with you!

Blog Titles! 

8 Types of Blog Titles that Get Clicked

Blogging is an important part of internet marketing - you can sync your blog posts with your Social Networks - you can also schedule your blog posts to go live at designated times and dates.  But your Blog Titles as well as your content is imperative!  You want to attract attention, be noted as the specialist in your field and get people to share your content.

But most important of all how in the world do you stand apart from other bloggers?  Everyone seems to be blogging.  How can you be successful as a blogger and how in the world can you get noticed as well?

How can you get more traffic and ensure that your blog is a success? These are some perennial questions that most bloggers have not found an answer to. There are blogs that get thousands of hits every day but there are innumerable blogs that struggle to get even a hundred hits in an entire month. Do the posts on the latter blogs fail to impress people? Are they of poor quality or is there something wrong in the entire strategy of blogging?

What is quality blogging?

  • By quality, one implies enticement
  • Information
  • Value addition and crafty presentation which will impress readers and get more readers to flock to the site.
  • Blog Titles - is it something that people want to learn more about?
  • Does the Blog Title entice them to click to learn more?
  • Who is your target audience?  Have you defined them?
  • Are you writing to the right group of people?

How To Write A Successful Blog Post is a comprehensive guide to help you get started with overcoming your blogging problems.

In the info-graphic you will not just explore the ingredients that make for a good blog but you will get to know the tiniest factors that segregate a successful blog post from an unsuccessful one.

Your Blog Title is key but your content is what will bring people back - pictures speak a thousand words - people are on the go and will bookmark or save something to read a bit later.  So write a great Blog Title and follow it up with some great content then share it with all of your networks so others will share this too.  Write some great Blog Titles ~ present your content and get your shares!

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