21 Of The Best Social Media Tools

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21 Of the Best Social Media Tools by BrandonGaille

This infographic says it all!

Social Media Tools by Brandon Gaille

Key Take Aways:

  • New Tools are coming out all of the time!  The tools listed in this infographic will meet at least one of your needs.  Really know who your “Target Audience” is!  So many times people tell me everyone – or they will say between 30 – 60 years of age – this doesn’t make any sense!  The way you would talk with a 30 year old is not how you would talk with the 60 year old.  The 30 year old is NOT in the same Social Networks as the 60 year old.
  • Really examine the tools – you want to make sure that you are using the right tools that will fit your need.  These tools need to suit everything you want to do.
  • An Example:  Droplr – makes it very easy for you to share things
  • Inkybee – gives you the ability to seek out the best bloggers, sites, and influences.  They have a 14 day free trial to see if you will find this tool beneficial – but the lowest monthly fee is $79 – some Small Business Entrepreneurs may find the monthly too steep.
  • Mention – a replacement for Google Alerts – there is also a “free trial” but I would sign up for the newsletters to see if the information they are sharing is worth it for you to sign up and utilize.
  • Find the Social Media Tools that will help you “Develop Strategies” so you may want to seek out the tools that will help you bring those strategies to life.
  • Shop Around!  One size does not fit all.  Some Social Media Tools will overlap with others to a degree.  But do shop around!

All in all – just remember, really define your marketing strategies – yes, there are some great “FREE” tools to use – but you may also need to invest in some paid tools – Brandon Gaille has a wealth of information and his 21 of the Best Social Media Tools infographic just says it all in one place.

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