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Car Dealer Responsive Wordpress Theme Review

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Car Dealer Premium WordPress Theme Review

I haven't reviewed a theme in awhile, but I got asked to review "Car Dealer Automotive WordPress Theme (Responsive)."  I work exclusively with WordPress to design websites and I rely on innovative, unique and ease of use WordPress templates.

I cannot tell you how many times I have installed a theme - and have been so frustrated in the package.  Why?  Well, if I can't figure things out - (the basics) in a few minutes then others who are at the beginner to intermediate level won't be able to!

Documentation is another pet peeve of mine - if the documentation isn't thorough, isn't complete, it isn't worth my time to invest.

And one last thing - "FREE" isn't all that it is made up to be.  If there is a "pro lite" "Free" version of the template I am interested in, I will download and install - if I like how things flow - I will then purchase the (pro) version.  With the paid for (pro) version, you get all of the documentation, you get the choice to take out the developers branding & insert your own, and you get their support forums as well as the developer's support!

Let's Get Started ok?

  • The first thing I look for is quality!  Does the theme speak to me?  Would I click further if I went to this website?  Is it dynamic?  (Yes, this theme attracts me - actually the full width style is my favorite)
  • I then go to the demo - I want to see the different styles and I want to see these styles in action - there are (3) styles - Classic, Full Width  (which includes the slider) & Boxed.
  • A little detective work is in order - before you purchase your theme - What are the Ratings and Reviews?

Let me explain, I want to see the overall rating score - I know that there will be those that have a complaint - (you can't please everyone!) but I look for the average rating score - if it is a 4, 4 1/2 or a 5 - I then look at some of the reviews

  • Ratings for Car Dealer WordPress Premium Theme Review A total of 86% gave it a combined 4 / 5 star review!  Ok, they have my attention - let's go look at some of the comments . . .
  • What I look for here - "how do they respond?" This theme is fully compatible with the WPML - WordPress Multi-Lingual Plugin - this means you can have your site content translated on the fly & you can use as many different languages that you need!
  • Remember, when you are creating a WordPress theme, you have to take into account the different formats people use.
  • There are Mac's, PC's, tablets and smart phones!  Then you have to figure in the many different internet browsers that people use.  Internet Explorer, Chrome, Fire Fox, Safari - just to name a few.  Don't forget the different languages - many people commenting with issues were from Europe and working in a different language.
  • One other thing that a developer has to think about - the different hosting agencies out there.  Not all hosting agencies host WordPress - so as a user, you had better check that out!

Car Dealer Stats WordPress Theme Review


Ok, the developers are scoring a 5 on my scale from 1 to 5!  Let's keep going!

Updates!  I  check the last time an update was done.  This is vital!  Wordpress is a target with Bot's, those little programs that do "Brute Force Attacks!"  If the theme isn't being updated on a regular basis - find a different theme.

Compatible Browsers! The list is right there to the right!  See what I mean?  Better check before you buy!

Compatible With!  This is great - as this theme has sales and with sales comes security - WooCommerce is a great program that works hand in hand with WordPress - you don't have to use this feature but it is there for those that need it.  (Judy's Tip - if you are doing any type of sales on the internet - get your SSL - Secure Socket Layer Certificate) 

Software Version!  Oh yeah, WordPress is continually updated and you better check to make sure that your theme is being updated to work with the latest WordPress software.  I actually had a theme that quit working because I updated to the latest WordPress version and everything fell apart!

Files Included!  For me this is huge!  I work with many of these types of files - not all though, but it is nice to know that they furnish these files with the paid version!

Documentation!  Yes!  This is imperative!  You get access to the printed documentation as well as the video documentation (if they have it) on the paid version.

Responsive!  This is an absolute must!  What the heck does Responsive mean?  It means that the website will adapt to whatever device it is being viewed from.  What I like about this theme - when you do a theme preview, they have (in the header area of the demo) the symbols of the different devices and you can see how your site will be viewed by each device.

Car Dealer Stats WordPress Theme Review

1st Symbol - Computer / Laptop - 2nd - Tablet Portrait - 3rd - Tablet Landscape - 4th - Smart Phone Portrait - 5th - Smart Phone Landscape

Ok, they have passed the muster!  Now let's look at a few of the things you can do with this theme!  

I am not going to show you everything - I will show you the things that do stand out to me - you need to go to this website link to view all of the things this powerful program can do!

The main characteristic of the theme is its flexibility. It can be used as a car dealer website template for huge vehicle dealership companies, or by regular people who want to sell their own cars.

Brand each image with your logo!  Brand Each Image with your logo Car Dealer Theme Review

How about the inclusion to the Full Vehicle Database????  Wow!  This is worth it's weight in Gold!

Full Vehicle Database inclusion car dealer wordpress theme review

Last but certainly not least - "The Built In Loan Calculator"

Built in loan calculator for car dealer wordpress theme review

Internet Security To Do List Judys Business BlogAs you can tell, I am very impressed with this theme!  The flexibility and quality work are totally worth the $59 fee.

The Car Dealer Responsive WordPress Theme is worth it's weight in gold.  This is one very powerful theme!  I sincerely hope the tips and the review helps you.  If you are a car dealership or a small business selling a few cars, this theme is for you.

I also wanted to make sure that the tips I gave would be beneficial to you researching a different theme.  Thank you Thememakers for asking me to do a review!  I appreciate this!

For those of you who may be curious on what other themes Thememakers have created Click Right Here!

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