Top AI Trends in Mobile Commerce

Mobile Commerce & Top AI (Artificial Intelligence) Driven Trends

The AI (Artificial Intelligence) market has gone massive lately.  It is expected to hit $7.35 billion by year end. Today, no industry is naive to AI tools and applications.  (Check out this infographic by Mofluid) While Healthcare, Finance and Automotive are among the first gainers, IT, ITES, Education and Ecommerce are not far behind.

 Mobile Commerce Trends by Mofluid

Online commerce is funded like no other industry in the present time. Companies that started off into Utilities and Payments have gradually evolved as ecommerce players.  Though Amazon has done it the opposite way by promoting its payment and wallet services only after it hit the no 1 position in retail sales but it hardly has subsided its focus from its primary business.

Clearly, the trend would continue opening up more avenues for small businesses, who always wanted to expand online. Mobile has further multiplied the potential by increasing sales and revenues.   AI is the next upgrade for ecommerce and mobile. It will completely revolutionize the way professionals and designers work today.  In fact the trends are already visible. Not only it has resulted in making them more skilled but has increased their market value. Companies are not reluctant to hire AI professionals even if they have to spend double the amount.

Ecommerce entities generally struggle with their marketing techniques. Bringing traffic and converting leads is a challenge from day 1. Not saying that AI has brought in complete solution tools but it has helped achieve a higher success rate in terms of defining concrete marketing strategies. For instance, AI driven personalized algorithms impact conversion rates big time.

For customers, there is apparently no demarcation between desktop and mobile so it shouldn’t be any different for sellers. An AI application installed on webstore essentially has to work on mobile, if businesses are to convert maximum visitors to customers.   AI driven online commerce looks very promising indeed. Check out Mofluid to explore more about Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Mobile Commerce (MCommerce).

Mobile Picture Photo by ROBIN WORRALL on Unsplash


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