My After Thanksgiving Dilemma!

Just had to share - need a smile??? Read on my friends . . . . .

I have two curio cabinets and both of these have had a burnt out bulb for like months! Like really really months. but not to be too picky here, Jimbo and I decide we are going to go and get the right light bulbs for the curio cabinets.

We gather up the odd light bulbs and off we go to Lowe's to purchase the right light bulbs! Of course, this was after we thought we could purchase the right light bulbs without having the burnt out ones in our little hands, and then standing in front of the light bulb aisle, with us both shaking our heads, we realize that we need the true blue bulb with us so we can get the right ones!

So, two days ago, we are at Lowe's getting the light bulbs and pellets for my pellet stove. I am really excited because I love the lights on in the evening time in these curio's and I am finally going to get my wish.

We arrive home, and Jimbo has to go across the street and help our elderly neighbor - and being the most patient of all people, I decide I will go screw in the light bulbs!

Now, one may ask - how friggin hard is it to screw in a light bulb?

Well, intellectually, it should be easy - just take the light bulb and screw in to the light bulb socket! But it will only work if you have the right light bulb for the right socket. And you need to make sure that the light to the light bulb (that you are screwing in) is turned off! ( this is all hind sight stuff here )

I open the smaller curio and start to screw in the light bulb - sparks fly - and my TV, DVD and Satellite etc. all go dead!    And there is a high pitch squeal that is coming from the wall!

I am not saying very nice words here, as I have no clue what the xxxx happened!  Well, for one, the light switch was on - I did not know that - for two - I had the wrong light bulb - it is obvious that I did not know THAT! and three my power surges all blew and one was making a high squealing noise!

I yank out the table that everything is on, discover how much cat hair and dirt can accumulate behind a furniture structure and run and get a flash light because I can't see worth beans - and of course I have no lights on that side of the room!

I find the power surge that all the electronic stuff is plugged in to - and I also discover that the power surge that the curio is plugged in to is plugged into the electronic one! Well, for good grief, I am supposed to know these things? I press the button on the electronic one and the sound disappears - which is giving my ears a much needed rest!

I unplug the power surge that belongs to the curio and I plug that right into the wall and it works. So, I now wait for Jimbo - like oh man, he is going to shake his head and act like I am a complete idiot - thereby causing us to have words and me telling him where he can stuff those darn light bulbs!@

You chuckling yet?

Ok, part two -

Jimbo comes in and I have to tell him what happened because he is going to want to turn on football and there isn't anything to turn on! So, I tell him and try to show him, and yep there went the head shaking - and he turned his back on me and told me he didn't know what to do!

Oh man, this irish temper seemed to be simmering under the hood and it was ready to blow the lid right off! So, I tell him, in no uncertain terms, that he is not to help me, that I will figure this out myself, that of course, if I was the little ol' neighbor across the street he wouldn't be doing the head shaking and the dumb act - but then I am only the wife, so of course he isn't going to know what to do - like I really do!!! 🙂 you getting the picture yet???

Sooooooooooooo, I told him to just go away - I would call Brian from Sierra Mobile Sound, my savvier and PAY him to fix it for me! Well, that went over like a lead balloon - and next thing I know he is back there - looking at things and he says "Do you have another surge protector?" Well, duh - of course I do - so I go get one and he proceeds to unplug all the electronic stuff from the burnt out one and plug things in to the one I brought him - and guess what! WE HAVE POWER! Yeah Baby! That means we have TV, DVD, Satellite etc.

I wanted to just smack him, but then, he is a guy, so I have to swallow my whatever's and let him know that I appreciate him so much! Like Not!

Anyway, we are back in business and HE put in the light bulbs to the correct curios and I have light! let there be light!!! 🙂

Oh, once the lights all came on, I then noticed how dirty that glass was! So one more chore - go get the glass cleaner and clean the glass! Can anything ever be easy??? So, if you want to do some extra cleaning at the end of the day - go get the wrong light bulb and screw it in to the wrong light bulb socket! Will work every time!

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1 thought on “My After Thanksgiving Dilemma!

  1. hahaha Judy you never change and that is a good thing my friend! I remember sitting on the lawn talking about things like this a few years ago with you. Miss you girl and thanks for sharing your real life!

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