How Healthy Is Your Magento Store?

Is your Magento Store Healthy?
By Sam Zaman, MoFluid

From Judy:

Are you needing a dynamic shopping cart?  Do you have products to sell?  With all of the different programs out there, Magento has the capability to cover all the bases – need something pretty basic?  Magento is your program as well.

I truly enjoy posting other people’s infographics and work.  Why?  Because I learn from the information as well!  Have I used Magento?  Once!  I had a client that needed a dynamic program for her online store.  I know this program is very powerful – it took me a bit to get it installed and working correctly.  I used tech support for help – while I know a lot about different subject matters, I had never utilized an online shopping cart – I don’t sell products.

Check out the Infographic below!

Magento Store How Healthy Is It?

From Sam . . . With an effortless and user friendly architecture, Magento includes all essentials, defining a comprehensive online store. Easy to install and convenient to add plugins, it’s a preferred choice for big and small businesses alike.

Effective management of your Magento store brings an imperative accountability to maintain its health and privacy at all times. While it’s important to keep your Magento store safe, a sustained focus on your business and user experience is more significant from long term perspective.

From Judy . . . If you are contemplating an Online Store, do your research.  I know that the info out there leads you to believe that it is a snap!  Well, it isn’t!  Think about it!  You are dealing with other people’s money – how secure is your site?  You had better bite the bullet and invest in an SSL certificate (Secure Socket Layer) when you see the https:// in front of an URL – you know that it is secure.

I realize that the process is a bit simpler (because of technology) but remember this.  Just because you have a merchant account for a brick and mortar business – doesn’t mean you can use that on the internet.  You need to have an internet merchant account.  Talk to your sales person – I am sure they have their version of internet merchant accounts.  Think about it this way – many people use Paypal – Paypal is NOT used in a store front.  It is totally programmed to interact and speak the internet language.

You need an internet store!  This is what I do know, when I was researching this for a client – Magento was the #1 software to use.  If you have any questions – ask Sam – I have linked the infographic to her internet page and you can ask more questions there.  For your own relevance – do a little investigation – you will find that Magento Store is still rated very highly!

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