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Digital Citizenship Project ~ Maine’s Stem Club for Girls

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Digital Citizenship Project ~ Maine’s Stem Club for Girls

Digital Identity

Digital Citizenship Project ~ Maine’s Stem Club for Girls

I was so excited when the Maine Stem Club for Girls reached out to let me know that one of my blog articles was very helpful to their Digital Citizenship Project. I am so glad they found the information helpful. Their way to thank me was to send me a referral link they thought would enhance the information that I had put together a year ago on Online Child Safety!

An excerpt from Lily Stevens ~ “For the month of October, our Stemettes are working on a Digital Citizenship project. We wanted the girls to learn about social media safety, digital citizenship, identify theft, and cyberbullying – which is so important to learn about in this day and age. Your web page, “Online Child Safety ~ Cyber Bullying ~ Privacy ~ Social Media” led us to some fantastic information to incorporate into our lessons, so the girls requested I let you know how much you’ve helped us 🙂

As a thank you, I wanted to pass along this ‘Internet and Online Safety for All Ages’ guide our member Katie found. Katie was very excited to share it with you! She thought it would make a great addition!”

Katie, you are absolutely right! This is phenomenal information. I started in technology at 19. Working my way up from a data entry operator, to a Software Test Engineer. While the internet has great information and possibilities, it is also a huge danger.

Did you know when Facebook started it was mainly aimed at college students to showcase their real names and where they went to school. Now, almost everyone has an online identity linked to their real name! What the heck does that mean? “Your Internet Life and your real-world life are always connected!”

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It is absolutely crucial that we all protect ourselves the best way we can. Here are some of the subjects they explore:

  • The last two categories listed are: “General Internet Safety“, and “Internet Safety Games

I encourage each and everyone of you to explore this great resource. I love sharing information and providing you with great content. Miss Katie! Thank you so much for finding this resource and sharing with me. If you or your friends find additional content you would like to share with my readers, please, don’t hesitate to reach out and send it to me.

Judy Musgrove

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