Creating a Quick Business Plan / Evaluation Too

Enloop ~ Easy, Painless, CompleteEnloop lets you quickly create bank- and investor-ready business plans

"Starting a business is hard enough without having to additionally learn the art and science of how to write an accurate business plan. That's why we created Enloop, giving you the tools you need to automatically create a professional plan from scratch — quickly and for free. Our patented, innovative system does the heavy-lifting for you, while educating you on the finer points of accounting and planning so you can really understand your financial forecasts."

"Enloop was designed to let entrepreneurs focus on their business by automating how business plans are written, transcending traditional business planning software and the difficult process of writing a business plan. And Enloop is entirely in the cloud — safe & secure, ready to use whenever and wherever you need to work on your plans."

AutoWrite Your PlanLet Enloop write the hard stuff

"One of the most difficult parts of developing a business plan is the writing part. Not everyone knows what to say to a banker or investor. Our patented system, created by MBAs, accountants, and some really smart software developers automatically generates basic text that explains each important section for you. Change your inputs, play with different financial scenarios, and Enloop automatically updates the financial information in the text — removing a tedious task that allows you to focus on refining your plan rather than editing your text every time you make a change to your forecasts. You can always add additional text as you like."

Financial Reporting - Not an accountant? You're in the right place

"We understand that one of the most challenging parts of completing a business plan is in creating accurate financial forecasts. That's why Enloop does it for you. Based on your inputs, Enloop automatically creates customized financial forecasts for your business. Sales, Profit & Loss, Cash Flow and Balance Sheet forecasts are all generated on-the-fly, easily updated at any time. You can start by taking the easy, fast route and creating a simple plan with only annual inputs, or you can create increasing more complex forecasts all the way up to 36-month inputs — good for CPA's and accountants who require more complexity. You get to choose."

Know The Score - Understand your odds of success, at a glance

"Say hello to EPS — the Enloop Performance Score. Our patented EPS feature provides you with the distinct advantage of seeing a FICO-like score for your business plan, on-screen while you're working on it. The score changes with your inputs, rewarding good planning and discouraging poor planning. With a real-time score in front of you at all times you're able to get vital feedback — motivating you to improve your plan and strengthen the odds of your business succeeding. The Enloop Performance Score functions like an expensive business plan consultant, just without the expensive part. It's designed with safeguards to prevent unrealistic financial forecasts. We're sure you don't need to be reminded that the majority of new businesses fail within five years. Enloop was designed to help you avoid a similar fate by warning you in advance."

Business Plans To Go - Download, share, print on-the-fly

"Enloop ties everything together and automatically generates a clean, professionally formatted PDF document — ready to download, print and share at any time. The document includes a cover sheet with your company's basic information that a banker or investor can quickly review, along with your complete plan including fully formatted financial forecasts. With your Enloop business plan you're good to go. Our system eliminates the need for entrepreneurs to master how to write a business plan document. That's not your gig, it's ours."

Performance Evaluations - A report card of your company's potential

"Just like in school, we give you a report card that evaluates your company's forecasted performance. We test your plan in three critical areas: your overall score, three important financial metrics, and then check to make sure your business is always cash-flow positive. If you pass all three of these tests, you'll receive a Performance Certificate with a verification number that a banker or investor can use to verify your score."

Ratio Analysis - Important numbers that (really) matter to investors

"This is one of the most important steps in creating a business plan, but is often overlooked or misunderstood. Who really cares about your ratios? Your loan underwriter or your investor. We automatically generate a ratios report for your company and then compare your ratios to those of your industry's averages, using the same analysis that loan underwriters use to evaluate your business. We then explain to you what each ratio means and how you can improve yours. You can quickly spot where your performance needs improvement and correct those concerns early in your development, before they become a painful reality."

Built-in Help - Because knowledge is power

"The knowledge needed to develop accurate business plans, especially financial forecasts, isn't easy. Whenever we ask for your input, a rich Knowledge Base is at your fingertips to explain exactly what each topic means. The Enloop system guides users through the planning process, asking essential questions that force entrepreneurs to think through the difficult parts of planning a business and then provides vital feedback for an interactive learning experience. Understanding these complex topics is half the battle. We're there every step of the way."

Check this out everyone - even if you have an established business, when was the last time that you updated your business plan?  The information here was taken directly from the "Enloo" website - and "Kim Komando" ~ I highly recommend that you check this out and help yourself in your business with this fine feature.

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