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A bit about Kevin Weiss – President of Software Company McAfee, when he decided to take the jump – take charge of the 8 year old “Author Solutions” in 2007.  A growing demand to help aspiring authors to self publish.

Weiss’s Keys to Entrepreneurial Success:

  • Stay true to your “Vision” – What is your vision for your business?  Do You Have One?  Kevin says, ” A leader has to define the value drivers of a business and then build a business around that vision.
  • Be “Innovative” business owners should look at the marketplace and figure out what customers want that they don’t know they want!
  • Focus on Repeat Customers! If you don’t deliver high-quality services, you will have a one and done customer.
  • Simple beats Complex – an open architecture beats closed – “Don’t build something and make it so proprietary that know one else can figure it out and no one else can team with you!

Seeds of Success is a great publication to subscribe to.  Success magazine digital version is there to aid all of us in growing and maintaining our small businesses.

Seeds Of Success

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