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5 Steps to Help You Reduce Anxiety

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5 Steps to Help You Reduce Anxiety

Reducing Anxiety
Reducing Anxiety
Something peaceful helping to reduce anxiety

5 Steps to Help You ~ Reduce Anxiety

Finding ways to Reduce Anxiety will only help us all get through this trying time. Covid-19 set things off ~ then we have the huge fires, our firefighters and all of the people fighting and rescuing others, our medical staff, and workers (many past the “exhaustion stage” are truly heroes.

Many of us have experienced a high sense of anxiety in one way or another. Some have lost their homes, their livelihoods and or their loved ones. But right now our space is completely saturated by things we cannot control. I wanted to showcase different ideas to help you with your anxiety (in a positive way). Please share what helps you reduce anxiety, there will be something that someone will get the benefit of.

Listed below are the 5 Steps I have discovered that help me Reduce my Anxiety stay a bit grounded:

  • @RedTableTalk on Facebook – If you haven’t heard of this group – please check it out. The RedTabletalk showcase with CDC explaining the Coronavirus was good, their latest topic on handling anxiety with Jay Shetty and down to earth topics, get you thinking of ways you can handle a situation ~
  • Limit what you are watching on TV & or email notices. I utilize Apple News or Huffingtonpost to send me notifications each morning on what is happening ~ I scan the articles ~ click on the one I want to know more about then I delete the email. I remind my dear friends, that we aren’t in control of the immediate outcome – yes we need to stay on top of things, but don’t get all worked up with the nonsense.
  • If you are a Kaiser member – they offer a full year prescription of “Calm” the Mindfulness app for free – Click right here – for your information, Matthew McConaughey narrates “Wonder”, his voice is so soothing, that I haven’t gotten past the sitting on the porch swing with grandpa and his granddaughter and Snug!
  • Another Mindfulness App is “Breathe” – I just utilize the freebie section but there are great stories and soft music to help you relax.
  • Listen to great soothing music ~ this I have personal experience with ~ while I was going thru chemo I had high anxiety ~ really really bad ~ I couldn’t fall asleep at all ~ my sister introduced me to a cd of ocean waves and each night when I went to bed we started that cd ~ I would drift off and get a few hours of good sleep.

Sleep Music for 8 Hours ~ Ocean Waves ~ YouTube
Relaxing Music & Soft Rain Sounds ~ YouTube

Whatever you are going through, helping yourselves to de-stress, take your mind off the immediate, get better sleep, will most definitely help you to handle the many new challenges each and every day. From online schooling, to social distancing, from loss of homes and livelihoods to sleeping in your cars. My heart goes out to everyone that is battling something, I just wish I could do more.

Please comment and let us know another tip or two that helps you and your family get through the day. These 5 steps to help reduce anxiety is just the tip of the iceberg.

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