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Your Path to Spiritual Entrepreneurship ~ Tuning into the Auras and the Chakras . . .

A gathering of business tips for the Small Business Woman Entrepreneur

Your Path to Spiritual Entrepreneurship ~ Tuning into the Auras and the Chakras . . .

Your Path to Spiritual Entrepreneurship involves exploring the mind-soul connection. It helps you to understand different viewpoints and allows you to make wiser decisions in all areas of life.

Your Path to Spiritual Entrepreneurship Inner Voices . . .

We have always, as entrepreneurs, been used to listening to voices. Our intuition (internal voice) tells us to start a business. We are strong. Hire this person or fire that one. It leads us on our quest to become the greatness we are.

Our internal voice can be overly critical, and judgmental, and instill doubt. It hijacks our minds and leaves us in the in-between. It seems like the voice is not coming from within us.

Which voice should we listen to?

Mind Over Matter: The Power and Pitfall of Logic . . .

We train entrepreneurs to harness their energy, focus, and drive to reach for something. We become experts in pushing our bodies, to work late hours, or crisscrossing the world to sell or network. ‘No’s’ will turn into ‘Yes’s’ and Yes’s turn into big possibilities. The mind is running the show when we find data and proof that we can hack ourselves to be performative.

We believe our minds and logic matter. We make new tiny little neural connections every day that connect our gut to our brain. With every adrenal release, we inch our way towards the perfect mix of resilience and determination. We flood our bodies with cortisol and endorphins. It feels like flow. But is it? This is the body running the show.

How we suffer. Our wills no longer override our physical capacity. We fall back into ourselves: stress, anxiety, depression. Our first health problems: center on the heart, thyroid, gallbladder, migraines, and cancer. We consider these setbacks to be failures, but they only slow us down.

Logic . . .

Logic says, slow yourself down, take time for yourself, you can fix this. Knowing we should meditate, pray, and show gratitude doesn’t help if we don’t do it. They condition us to use ourselves up. It’s finally time to rewire, to find our divine superpowers, to surrender to our flow. How do we let spirit run the show? How do we let our heart and soul join the conversation?

I was diagnosed with Habba Syndrome in 2010. In layman’s terms, I had an overactive gallbladder. It made me reevaluate how I was managing my workload. I had burned out.

Over the years, I explored ways to heal myself and recalibrate. I opened my mind to new ways of thinking about how I do me. Trying different methodologies like mindfulness, reiki, therapy, and coaching. I never figured out the root cause of my stress or how to fix it. I continued to work despite the advice to avoid stress.

Your Spiritual Entrepreneurship Perspective on Personal Energy . . .

I lacked the knowledge of self-healing. For me, everything changed when I had an aura reading with the software my life partner Jim purchased to use in our store. For over 30 years, I’ve been an entrepreneur. When I first saw my aura and chakra report generated by the software program, I had my ‘aha moment’.

One Section of the report showcased the colors, yellow and green. This belonged to the Performative & Analytical section. My default chakra pattern showed a high solar plexus and third eye. This explained my drive and intuition, my right and left brain superpowers.

I was pushing myself: My low heart chakra told the story that it was too much. I wasn’t listening to myself and I hadn’t yet figured out how to give myself room to love myself. “That’s what I am doing with my energy,” I said. It explained everything. My healing began as I ventured into uncharted territory.

Aura Readings . . .

Jim and I have conducted 3000+ aura readings in the past three years. We have become intimate with the things people do to express themselves. A data-driven aura reading like the ones we do at Adoratherapy provides insights into the color personality and chakra alignment. To understand and know your truth, we go over your report to help you understand what your truth is.

Imagine you have a subtle body: this is your aura. It’s an energy field around you that others can feel, not see. This represents your true essence, your true north, and an aura that is unique to you.

Ask yourself these questions. Are you analytical, compassionate, and/or driven? Are you social or spiritual? These are hints about your aura colors.

Working along with your aura are your chakras, which match these wheels of energy to your body and organs. Seven of them are swirling around, connecting, and running the show behind the scenes. They are your: Root, sacral, solar plexus, heart, throat, third eye, and crown.

Consider . . .

Consider your aura as a car and your chakras as the engine and tires. Would you drive a race car slowly in the city? Would you race your SUV up a hill as fast as you can go?

Here is how to scan each chakra, one at a time. Close your eyes and place your hands 10 inches from your body. Start with your root and move up your body to your crown. Use your hands to scan back and forth over each area. Tune in to how each chakra feels. Is it open, balanced, and flowing? Or is it stuck, or blocked? Is their energy held? If your chakras are in balance, you are in balance.

Embracing Your Inner Healer . . .

Let the fun begin by listening to your chakras, your intuition, and your heart. This allows you to feel what is blocking your energy, enabling you to recalibrate and heal. Your chakras are not solid like rocks or icebergs; they are fluid, and they change, but we all have patterns that are locked in, ways we use our energy that either works or doesn’t.

I can give you tools and methods to remove the blocks that lie within you. Each one of us is our best healer. Knowing what you are doing can begin your journey to transcend and transform.

Ask yourself these questions:

What are the stories I tell myself that block my self-love? Do they serve me? Am I running on empty and how can I fill my gas tank again? How can I achieve that now? Self-starting questions to consider.

Beyond Performance . . .

In the modern hustle culture, we entangle entrepreneurs in a relentless pursuit of performance.

They inundate us daily with ‘hacks’ that augment productivity, resilience, and problem-solving. These hacks promise a trajectory of unending growth, an arsenal of solutions to vanquish the unyielding challenges on the path to success. However, many of these hacks are laser-focused on doing, often sidelining the quintessential desire for being.

To have your business soar, shift your entrepreneurial mindset to go beyond mere tasks and open your mind to new opportunities. It beckons a deeper alignment — an alignment with the essence of who we are. The subtle yet profound dialogue between our mind, body, heart, and spirit.

Entrepreneurial Perspective . . .

Your entrepreneurial perspective is it to perform or to tap into your divine energy? Tapping into your divine energy will help you create new possibilities. An invitation to access a higher consciousness, a more nuanced understanding of our being. This shift in perspective is not a retreat from our entrepreneurial ambitions, but a deeper, more enriched engagement with them.

To create a sacred space, begin by self-exploration and divine alignment. A sacred place where we can be our true selves, pursue meaningful ventures, and find fulfillment in our journey to success. The destination is no longer just about external accolades or monumental achievements; it morphs into a journey of self-adoration, of unfolding a success that’s deeply personal and transcendent.

Acknowledging success not only enriches us but also fulfills our soul. By adoring and honoring our energetic selves, our path to entrepreneurship just got easier.

About Laura McCann

Laura is a well-rounded leader with a proven record of success in beauty, fashion, and technology. She is the co-author of “Auratherapy: A Guide to adoring yourself, your chakras and your aura”.

The Founder and CEO of Adoratherapy, a conscious beauty brand disrupting the aromatherapy category.

Our Adoratherapy website provides an online store for you to purchase and learn more about our products. Our physical store is in Asheville, North Carolina. Laura is an intuitive healer who works with auras and chakras. She is a Try Burch Fellow and winner of the Western Woman Small Business and Woman’s Up awards.

Laura is a seasoned entrepreneur who goes beyond to make an impact. An early member of EO, Laura was president of the New York Chapter, a board member, and chair of the 1st New York University. Laura loves mentoring women.

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