What’s in your wallet?

Your Wallet! ! Ever have it stolen or misplaced?  If so, you need to act fast and contact your bank and credit card companies.  But wait!  Where are all those phone numbers?

Banks and credit card companies print their customer service numbers on their cards, but without the cards, there isn't an immediate place to go - especially when you are in a panic.

And, someone could be running up your credit card balances or stripping out your bank account!  Wallet Garden can help. It stores your bank and credit card numbers online.

Wallet Garden doesn't store account information. Its only purpose is to store customer service numbers.  So, go there today and register - then add all your debit and credit card information and keep this info in a place that you will find (when you are in a panic)

If you don't subscribe yet, go to the Kim Komando website and subscribe to her tips and tricks.  She has phenomenal information!  Wallet Garden here, is just one example.

Author: Judy's Business Tips & Info

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