Visualization ~ Do You Use It?

I have to say, that this is one powerful way to stay on track - Better then a Visualization Board - creating your own movie, customizing it with your pictures, your sayings, utilizing music and affirmations - that is what visualization is all about.

I have a picture in my mind of how my life will be in 1 year! I have no clue how that is going to happen, but it will. I sat back and said "Self - What Do YOU Want?" The kids are all grown, and it is my time to do what I want to do. No, I am not being selfish here, any mom will tell you they totally understand.

Kids and family came first - jobs were not necessarily those that I liked! But I was good at the job and I did my very best. It paid the rent, helped to put the food on the table. But did I like my job? Nope! In some cases I didn't even like the people I worked with!

But once the 50's hit, a bout with breast cancer and bam - it was like something just smacked me in the face! I have been contemplating what does Judy want to do!

What is the one thing that Judy really wants! And yep, I know what it is! But making my movie, having it run in the background as I work, speaks volumes! I KNOW I will get my beautiful Friesian horse, I know I will pay off my new Ford F150 Raptur, and I know that I will live on at least 2 acre's with riding trails!

  • First off, I love being in business for myself - yes, it gets a bit hectic - and stressful! But I love helping others with their business success!
  • 2nd - my communication skills are improving! While communication is a strength of mine, that comes from teaching computers to elementary students to being tech support and a software test engineer, there is always room for improvement!
  • 3rd - I have to be more disciplined! And believe you me, that sometimes mean that I am up until midnight working on a website, blog, or brochure for a client - when the eyes become blurry, the brain seems to rewind many times, that is when it is time to hit the hay!
  • 4th - meeting the many different types of small business entrepreneurs keeps my mind totally filled and challenged with new information! That is what I like the best! The learning, the adjusting, the teaching - when it all clicks my goodness the light bulbs don't light up they "EXPLODE"!
  • 5th - Helping You Tell Your Story To The People Who Need to Hear It is so rewarding! Networking, helping you succeed is what I do best!
  • Having that picture in my head isn't enough! I need something stronger, something that will help me stay the course.

    So, now, I am making MY Movie - creating that moving, talking, musical, vision that will sink deeply into the subconscious - and I know that with the universe coming together to help me succeed, the positive energy and vibes, manifesting my future into reality - that yes, I will be riding that beautiful spirit, one that connects with my inner self.

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