Top “5” Tips For Social Networking

Taken from Starr Hall's Blog - First, let me say that LinkedIn is just phenomenal.  I am a newbie on the block with this network - but I joined some great "Groups" and am meeting great professional people!

I am so inspired by this and really look forward to exploring and finding tidbits to share and pass on.  The "5" Tips For Social Networking come from Starr Hall's Blog. Click on the link to find additional information that will greatly aide you in your quest for online marketing success!

  1. NEVER sales pitch online, in order to build relationships, you need to build credibility first. You do that by connecting, offering expert tips and free advice that relate to the contact or group.
  2. ALLOCATE a certain amount of time every day or week to focus on your social networking, stick to that schedule, set a timer if needed so that you won't go past the time you allocated!  (Great Tip Here)
  3. Set Social Networking Goals, you need to determine what your focus and goals are online - are you online to expand your reach, get feedback on your company/product or to get new clients etc?
  4. Learn about the top sites quickly and choose a few to focus on.  Take a training or read an online "How To Ebook" on the site so that you can learn the ins and out faster.  This will save you a lot of time and money!
  5. Be careful what you post.  If you wouldn't want it printed in a national paper then don't post it even if it is directed towards a group of friends.

Author of Content- Starr Hall, Publicist/International Author/Speaker-

Author: Judy's Business Tips & Info

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