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A gathering of business tips for the Small Business Woman Entrepreneur

Charge Up Your Entrepreneurial Spirit ~ Choosing the Electronics Business Route

Charging Up Your Entrepreneurial Spirit .. Charging Up Your Entrepreneurial Spirit by launching a business venture in the electronics field is a thrilling yet demanding endeavor. To navigate this path successfully, you’ll need a well-crafted blueprint and an understanding of pivotal milestones. In this article, courtesy of Small Business Tips for the Entrepreneurial Woman, we’ll…
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4 Ways To Define Your Target Audience

The lifeline of any business is its customers (AKA Target Audience). Regardless of how long you have been operating in the industry, it is crucial that you secure customers which can be done by knowing who your target audience is. Doing so can help set you on the right track. Identifying your target audience and…
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5 Reasons Social Media Isn’t Working For You

Social Media & YOU!   Your Social Media strategy is key!  With technology at the forefront of all that we do, you need to take the time to fill out all of your Social Media profiles – if something isn’t working for you . . . You need to ask yourself . . . .  “Why…
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Google’s Consumer Barometer

Are you interested in Consumer behavior both online and offline?  The Consumer Barometer is a tool to help you understand how people use the internet across the world! The below pictures are from the USA – Now I have to ask – who is your target audience?  You have to know who they are and…
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Social Media Best & Worst Times To Post

Social Media Best and Worst Times to post.

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