Reducing Anxiety

Reducing Anxiety

Reducing Anxiety ~ Steps to Help

Finding ways to Reduce Anxiety will only help us all get through this trying time. Many of us have experienced a high sense of anxiety in one way or another. But right now our space is completely saturated by things we cannot control. I wanted to showcase different things to help you with your anxiety (in a positive way) that may help you. Please share your ideas to reduce anxiety as well.

These are things that I have discovered that help me stay a bit grounded:

  • @RedTableTalk on Facebook – If you haven’t heard of this group – please check it out. The RedTabletalk showcase with CDC explaining the Coronavirus was good, their latest topic on handling anxiety with Jay Shetty and down to earth topics, get you thinking of ways you can handle a situation ~
  • Limit what you are watching or getting notices about. I utilize Apple News or Huffingpost to send me notifications each morning on what is happening ~ I scan the articles ~ click on the one I want to know more about then I delete the email.
  • Listen to great soothing music ~ this I have personal experience with ~ while I was going thru chemo I had high anxiety ~ really really bad ~ I couldn’t fall asleep at all ~ my sister introduced me to a cd of ocean waves and each night when I went to bed we started that cd ~ I would drift off and get a few hours of good sleep.

What are your ideas to help reduce anxiety? Please let me know so we can share it with everyone. Reducing Anxiety ~ key to getting through such trying times.

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