Rack Cards – What Are They?

Why Rack Cards?  They are different – they are unique – the quality is high – the pictures speak a thousand words and the back of the Rack Cards?  They explain briefly what Bowen Therapy is – then give Barb’s Name, Phone Number and website!  They look nice on a desk, or counter – they get picked up!  And she get’s calls as well!

Below are the (3) samples of Barb’s latest Rack Card designs.  Barb Ahern, Bowen Practitioner

Bowen Therapy Last Resort - Canines and People with Barb Ahern

Mommie and Me Bowen Therapy with Barb Ahern

Rack Card for Golf - Bowen Therapy with Barb Ahern


Competition is high!  So I always ask:  “How do you stand out?”  “What makes you unique?”  “Why should a new prospective client call you and not your competition?

It doesn’t matter your profession or expertise – it matters on how people will remember you.

Rack Cards are different.  They are less cumbersome and they can go in strategically placed area’s.

A brochure on the other hand – gives too much room for explanation – and people tend to tell everyone as much as they can – without thinking about a “Call to Action” – like clicking on the website to learn more, or give us a call today for your “Free” 15 minute phone consultation.

Or how about signing up for our newsletter – but stipulating how often that newsletter will go to your inbox – (like once a month) instead of every day!

Now utilize your social media and blogging to keep your prospects and clients in the know!  Always place quality information – not trivial stuff – and make sure to answer “What’s in it for me?”  with your social network notifications.

Rack Cards are fun and different – stay unique my friends, don’t follow the crowd, let people know your area of expertise and let them know that you take continual classes or webinars to stay abreast of the latest and greatest!

Barb Ahern, Certified Holistic Practitioner, Bowen Therapy for People and Canine AcuTouch (Bowen Therapy for our Canine Friends)

Visit Barb’s website’s today to learn more!  Need a pick me up?  Want to get thru an injury?  Give Barb a call!


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