Optimizing Your Headline In LinkedIn

I did this earlier this week.  Let me explain - in LinkedIn, you need to optimize your profile so you will show up on page 1 of the "People Search" - but to do that there are 5 key area's in your profile that you need to place your "Keywords" - What "Keywords" am I talking about - I want you to sit back and think about this:  What do people type in to find you?  Or someone like you with your skill set?

In your headline - it isn't enough to say you are CEO or Founder - what I want you to do is figure out your skill set :

  • What are you noted for?
  • Are you an accountant?  If so, what type of accountant are you?
  • Are you an artist?  What type of artist are you - water color, oils, portraits etc.
  • Are you a web designer?  What type of web designer are you?  Drupal, Joomla, HTML, CSS, WordPress
Getting the picture - people are not going to know your name - they are going to type in a subject matter that they are looking for - so with that said, "Your Headline" needs to be made up of your "Keywords" the "People Search words" that people will type in to find you.
You need to show up on page 1 of the people search - and another tip - that is why you build up your connections - (this is another tip) so if you have 500 or more direct connections, along with your 2nd and 3rd tier, you will show up in their people search on the 1st page!



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