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social_networkingAre you savvy on the computer?  Do you blog?  Do you have a website?  Do the computer terms confuse you?  Are you finally learning how to handle your email and do attachments, download pictures and send text messages?

This information that I am sharing is for the Small Business Entrepreneur who has started or has a business, and does NOT know a lot about the computer.  For some, it literally scares them.  Many of these fine professional people, have been down sized, forced into early retirement or have to take a leave of absence to care for loved ones.

My goal is to get you savvy on "YOUR" computer.  To help you understand the terminology in  simple English text and to give you information that will benefit you and help you grow and expand your business.

On "Business Notes" I have started the process.  I decided to make it simple and to start with (3) issues:

  1. Yelp
  2. LinkedIn
  3. Blogging or Website or Both

Added bonus - I put a blurp up about Twitter or Tweeting as we hear the term.  I feel that the above three things are a MUST for your business, for the growth of your business and for the validity of your business.


Do you realize that the FIRST place people go to find out information about a business is the Internet!   If you don't have a website - that is a deterent and a negative  for you.  They may find  mention of you in a business directory or on Google maps - but if they don't find a website about your business you have a big PROBLEM.

You could be loosing out on potential new clients and sales because you don't have a Website or Blog!   Remember, this is your Business Image ~ take this step seriously.

  1. Websites - there are the freebie's (the ones that you have to put together - and I have to say that these usually look like YOU put it together) There are the template driven website software like "Go Daddy" or "Network Solutions"  ( I use Network Solutions ) I have used them for the last 5 years, and they have grown in leaps and bounds on their software usages - they have numerous tools that are included in the annual hosting fee and you also receive a free domain name and email addresses with the annual hosting package.
  2. If you need a more custom designed website there are many fine web masters that do sites from scratch (I can recommend a couple if you need a recommendation)
  3. Blogging - with Network Solutions, Word Press Blog comes with the annual hosting package - and you can have a page on your website that says ( Judy's Blog) and people can get to the blog thru the site.
  4. Some of you may choose to utilize the Blog as a website - this is very doable and I have a couple of clients that I have done this way - this has allowed me more flexibility in adding features - it all depends on the client and their uses
  5. LinkedIn - the PROFESSIONAL  Social Networking site for (you guessed it) business people.  It is totally a site that promotes your network of business people and you personally invite your connections - Click On Business Notes to find out more info.
  6. Yelp - an Online Business Rating Service -a great site for business owners - do you know what people are saying about your business?  I would definitely find out and I would sign up for an account - add your own business if it isn't listed and review your fellow community businesses as well.  Click On Business Notes to check that out
  7. Blogg's - I utilize Word Press - For my client - and even Network Solutions has Word Press as part of their annual hosting package - there is the FREE Word Press (where you are using their domain name, but you can specifiy a name before the domain - Example:  or  Word where you can assign your own domain name as your blog - yes, there is a cost for the domain name ~ then you utilize a hosting agency like Host Gator or Site Ground.

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