Just An Update

It sure feels good to figure out how to do things!  I figured out how to add Chad's own art work to his blog - I utilize Adobe Photo shop to do my resizing and manipulation of photos - but knowing the correct directories and uploading to servers - can be a definite pain in the rear.

Excited where things are headed - check out the fan page to the right - there are links there for you to click on.  Will be updating you on Email Marketing - and a scheduled Webinar that I am going to put on.

Good night!

Author: Judy's Business Tips & Info

Cover to Cover specializes in "Story Marketing With A Twist!" Stories surround us. The image (picture) gives you a heads up ~ the short video gives you the process ~ the text draws you in ~ making the story come to life. Let Cover to Cover help you create your story and connect with your target audience producing quality content that shines.

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