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Tuesday Afternoon

Wow! What a week so far! On the Links page I have added Oprah’s Best Life Series Link, The Glow Project (a link and short video) and a Link to “The Secret”. Check below for the two Women Networking Communities I belong to – I highly recommend them for anyone that is looking to move…
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Thursday Eve . . . . .

Well, I finally have a few more things working – this is definitely a project that is ongoing – I am going to incorporate some neat links and info – I am into being the best I can be – and living my life to the fullest – So, by the weekend, I will have…
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3rd Times The Charm!!

Greetings -Well, I have succeeded in wiping out my blog entirely, 3 x’s now!  All I wanted to do was start a 2nd blog and in the setting up of the 2nd blog ~ things just blitzed out on me big time.  So, this time, I am not going to try and incorporate the 2nd…
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