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Welcome to “Judy’s Business Blog Archives!

I started this blog 8+ years ago and I wanted to collect all different types of tips for the Entrepreneur “Introducing Judy’s Business Blog Archives!  With the wealth of information in here, I created the type of blog that you can research and glean great info from.

I love this little plugin – Awesome Archive – It allows me to share with you the many different topics that I have explored.  For the most part everything in here is for the small business entrepreneur – from color schemes to social media – to marketing and branding and to a bit of fun!

When I think “Archives” I think of vintage – I think of those old days where everything had to be files manually, and if we needed to look up something – it would turn into a nightmare!  Have you ever gone thru old boxes of archive material and just been floored with all the information that you are seeing?  Not only that, but you aren’t finding what you are looking for!

Archives A Wealth of Information

Why did I create Judy’s Business Blog?

I belong to many different groups and I wanted a place to put different types of business tips for the small business entrepreneur – this entire archive has evolved into a great story book giving my readers something to review and ponder.  Being in business for yourself isn’t easy and it is hard to keep up on all of the latest and greatest.

Unfortunately, there is so much information that we are being bombarded with – that we stop paying attention to what is being put into our inboxes!  I am also looking for a better “Archive” Plugin – I would like something that you can do a search in and the applicable posts show up!  If any of you know a great WordPress Archives Plugin, do let me know!

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I am a Freelance Content Writer/Blogger and WordPress Web Designer. I created a blog where I can post great business tips, sayings, opinions, and information to our women entrepreneurs.

I spend a lot of time fine tuning your Internet Presence. Why? Because being consistent all across the board is key! Here's a little tip: Use the same branding image across all of your internet networks. Optimize each social media profile with consistent keywords and information about you. Yes, you can modify the profile info a bit (to coincide with the social network you belong to. But it needs to be relevant and informative!

How are you Unique? What is your dream, your passion? Who do you relate to? Are you a decision maker or are you a follower. I love what I do ~ but my passion is my digital magazine - putting this front and center is a challenge ~ but it has never ventured too far away from my purpose.