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Judy’s Business Blog Archive journey began in 2009. I wanted a place where I could display unique Business Tips and Tricks for the Small Business Entrepreneur. I have collected a wealth of information throughout the years. The art of blogging was new then. Technically, I need to go back and clean up the earliest blogs. But frankly, I don’t have the time, the last few years of blogging are definitely an improvement, the more you write the better you get..

Attending WordPress workshops both in San Francisco and Sacramento helped me to master WordPress. The collaboration and the expertise from the many presenters were phenomenal. I continue to learn, am on a couple of groups on LinkedIn and Facebook. What I do know, there is a way to make things happen in WordPress.

When you browse Judy’s Business Blog Archive, you may be surprised at the wealth of information that has been collected. I showcased the posts by category type. This way you will find something of interest that will help you. Please leave a comment and update the information that you are reading and want to share. I welcome the sharing. We all want to learn different subjects and we can expand on a subject popular with the audience.