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Internet of Things ~ Conquering The Future With IoT

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Internet of Things ~ Conquering The Future With IoT

Internet of Things ~ Transforming Businesses with bespoke apps and product innovation …

Before, TechAhead ~ Techpreneur In The Making …

A bit about ~ Vikas Kaushik, Founder & CEO of TechAhead. As a teen, Vikas always had an interest in science. This interest elevated him to attend Delhi University, graduating with his BSc Honors in mathematics.

After university, Vikas spent many years in the corporate hierarchy. Wanting to venture out on his own terms, in 2009, following the Global Financial Meltdown, he founded TechAhead with a focus on client value and team member career growth, driven by his passion for technology and customer service.

The Big Leap ~ Internet of Things …

“Mobile was a very new niche when I started TechAhead in 2009. They freshly opened android for developers and Apple made its SDK live for developers only a year prior. My affinity towards Apple, iPhone and Apps helped start the company and take us in this direction.”

TechAhead has now become a full-stack development company, which includes IoT (Internet of Things). IoT is not a new concept but has become incredibly popular with the changes and enhancements in technology.

Making everyday things like your thermostat, car, or fridge, able to talk to each other and to you through the internet, is what IoT is all about. They share information, making your life easier, safer, and more convenient.

It’s like giving objects a way to work together and exist within the same ecosystem. Smaller and cheaper sensors and internet connections allow for more things to be connected to the internet. Plus, we’ve discovered tons of new ways to use IoT in our daily lives and in various industries.

The core of what TechAhead does is “taking the willpower to make change happen, along with technology, to drive digital transformations.”

Technology empowers entrepreneurs to dream, grow, and achieve their goals, changing every business rule in the process!

Compliments of TechAhead Corp.

According to Vikas …

A small startup can solve millions of people’s problems by empathizing with their users’ needs. Big companies use business intelligence to predict trends while entrepreneurs can disrupt with one click.

“Adaptability for a digital life is no longer a luxury or an option, but a necessity and a reality. No business should ignore this.”

Technology has finally caught up with the idea, making IoT more practical and accessible than ever before.

Below is an example of how IoT (Internet of Things) can enhance your daily activities:

  • 3D Car Models for Audi ~ The creation of an iPad App for salespersons enabling Audi to sell more cars by showcasing them in 3D models.

  • Lighting Solutions, pushing the Boundaries: making walls light up with emotions and energy!

  • TABZ is a food pre-ordering app ~ that helps restaurants increase sales through dine-in bookings for a seamless dining experience.

  • A Unique fluid tracker that solves the problem of under-hydration: (Water Tracking App) Approximately 75% of Americans have a huge dehydration problem. Making users smarter by tracking & reporting their fluid intake.

  • EnergyHeatmiser ~ how IoT-enabled heating controls cut energy bills by 50%.

Internet of Things ~ UI ~ UX ~ Siblings …

UI (User-Interface) and UX (User-Experience) Siblings!

UI is what you see vs. UX is what you feel!

UI deals with the visual elements and design of a product. It’s all about aesthetics, including layout, colors, typography, buttons, icons, and overall visual appeal. UX is the entire user journey and experience while using a product. It focuses on how easy, efficient, and enjoyable it is for users to achieve their goals within the product.

UI is About Presentation, and UX is About Interaction.

UI designers’ concerns are with style and arrangement. Focusing on creating a beautiful and consistent visual language that reflects the brand’s identity. UX designers’ concerns are with user interactions. They analyze how users navigate a product, improving their experience of efficiency and satisfaction.

UI Attracts, and UX keeps.

captivating UI grabs a user’s attention, much like an eye-catching book cover. It entices users to explore further. UX keeps users engaged and satisfied throughout their journey. It’s like the gripping storyline that makes you keep turning the pages of that book, ensuring you have a great experience from start to finish.

Both Are Essential for Success.

UI and UX: While they have distinct roles, UI and UX are symbiotic. A beautiful UI without good UX is like a glossy magazine with confusing articles. A superb UX with a poor UI is like a well-written book with an unappealing cover. It might be amazing inside, but users may never open it.

UI and UX complement each other and are equally vital in creating successful, user-centric products. 

IoT incorporates the “siblings” in all aspects of development.

The Future of IoT is dazzling and will continue to grow. Over the next few years, Vikas predicts we will see continued advancements and IoT will keep growing to make our lives more connected and convenient.

This growth will mean that we will need to focus more than ever on privacy and security to help keep our data secure.

Visit us here to learn more about TechAhead and IoT!

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