How To Contact Judy

Judy Musgrove and Riley

Nothing is more frustrating when you look for contact information so you can get ahold of someone and you can’t find it.  Here is the way you can contact (me) Judy Musgrove. 

  • Email Judy Musgrove –
  • (916) 496-2449
  • Folsom, CA
  • Name of my business:  Cover To Cover

I look forward to hearing from you –

This is myself and Riley, my Sharpei pup – we were at the Headwaters of the Sacramento River here. We are pretty much inseparable. Even though Riley wants to be with me, he absolutely does not enjoy getting in the truck!

Every morning we are out that front door – the furthest we have walked together is 8 miles – but our average walk is now between 4-5 miles. Riley loves his walks – he is still curious – and he still isn’t sure what those Peacocks are! They fly! It is so much fun to watch him ~ his curiosity is contagious and sometimes I just have to laugh.

You know, even when you don’t want to walk, having a 4 legged friend who is raring to go will get your butt out that door.  Discovering new venues and trails are the highlight of our days. I am really glad that it is cooling off now – we don’t have to leave at 6:30 or 6:45 because of the heat – he loves the water – so I will walk him down at Lake Natoma ~ he will immediately get into the water!

But take him to SBarkles? Nope ~ Nada ~ he refuses to walk up the ramp and we always have to get some help getting him into the tub!