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How Do You Handle Change?

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How Do You Handle Change?

This is the very best question that you can ask yourself. There are two types of people – (in my opinion) those that embrace change and those that don’t. To be a successful entrepreneur you need to be able to embrace change. No, that doesn’t mean that you are comfortable with change, but that does mean that you are open to it.

My work with the small business entrepreneur is very enlightening indeed. However, I have learned to ask better questions (for a new potential client) and to realize when I have misjudged to walk away from the relationship.

It doesn’t mean that anyone is wrong here, it simply means that we don’t make a good team.

What do you look for in your business relationships? Are you looking for that team player? Are you looking at being open to constructive critique, to new idea’s, to brain storming? Who do you work with the best? Are you more interested in building the relationship or are you interested in making a sale?

These are all good questions and you need to answer them honestly. Only “You” know what you are all about. I wrote these down and wanted to share with you as Oprah is conducting her “Master Class” series:

  • Wake Up Curious
  • Be a Blessing to Somebody
  • The Upside of hard Times
  • Reinvent Yourself
  • Stay True To Yourself No Matter What
  • Find Your Passion
  • Open To The Unexpected
  • The Connections That Sustain Us
  • Go For Excellence
  • Trust Your Instincts

Doing things from the heart, upholding your belief system, creating change, paying it forward, these are all things that I work towards.  I am “NOT” a chess player!  Sitting and figuring out everyone’s next or potential moves drives me literally insane!

I am a doer.  Yes, that has gotten me in trouble many many times, but over all, it has been what keeps me going.  If something isn’t turning out the way that I think it should, I quickly change course.

That doesn’t mean that I won’t take a step back and reflect and think things out.  But once I commit to a decision, I don’t second guess – I just jump in with both feet.

Surrounding yourself with like minded people, with positive people, with people that want to embrace change is what I look for.  Finding my path and moving forward is what I do every single day.  Looking at the positive side of things, accepting the responsibility for an error made – that is what I do.

I read books, articles, build up a network of referrals and have no issue with referring someone on to another business or individual that can help them better.  Knowing your own limits, your area of expertise is key in your business success.

So, I ask you once more – “How Do You Handle Change?”



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