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Last week, I went to San Francisco for an Email Marketing Seminar put on by Constant Contact!

Now, grant you, I was born and raised in California – I have been to San Francisco several times – however, GARMIN did not know the streets well at all.

In going around the blocks, finding the Moscone Center, (like where did that come from?) and other places of interest – was not the same as me finding San Francisco University on Market Street!  And Garmin was saying – turn right – when right was the WRONG way on a one way street!

Needless to say, I was a bit flustered, but found the parking garage and the event, and wanted you all to know that it was well worth it!

Please Click Here – to see the email campaign I sent out.  However, I am going to have a FREE Webinar – and if you would like to attend please Join My Mailing List to the right!

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