Do You Follow the Crowd?

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Sometimes, doing something different with a message that is repeated by many different entrepreneurs just may help the person you need to reach ‘get it!’.

I want you to think of it this way. The majority of entrepreneurs have been an employee at some or most of their working lives. This creates the mindset of “doing things a certain way” and yes, this makes sense. Even though there are many different types of employers, mostly the employer has their way of doing things, their rules and their processes.

This is all good – they need to have this. But those employees who have different entrepreneurial skill sets, this gets a bit tedious. Once I know what has to be done, yes, I follow (for the most party) the employers directions, but there is always more than one way to do something.

My entrepreneurial skill set was molded by my profession. I was in the computer field since I was 19 and yes, it is a vastly mind boggling change set of rules! Because of the profession:

  • I am accustomed to change
  • I am accustomed to chaos
  • I am accustomed to a team of people putting their heads together to figure out where the software or process is malfunctioning.

That in itself helped me to have confidence in my research capabilities, my check off lists, and my decisions. Becoming an entrepreneur snuck up on me ~ I did things on the side (as a hobby) and that is how I ended up going into business for myself.

Working with other entrepreneurs, I realized there are two different types:

  • Those who are decisive
  • Those who are not afraid to admit that a process was left out or that the idea really wasn’t one that would work well
  • Those who do their research, seek out advice from a successful entity and listen to problems, and idea’s that did work.
  • Those who own their decision ~ then move forward to correct whatever needs correcting.

The 2nd type of entrepreneur is the ‘Want a Be’:

  • These people have a great hobby or product that they want to turn into a business venture but they don’t have confidence in themselves to make that decision.
  • They listen to their family and friends who sometimes negate the idea of working for yourself letting them know that they need to get a real job.
  • They may not take their business seriously. Sitting down and write out a marketing plan, or just a plan of action, is imperative ~ it helps to keep you on track ~ to log what works and what doesn’t. .
  • They may not see the value of seeking out their local SCORE (the nations largest volunteer business mentors, and classes at very reasonable rates where a former employee can learn what they need to know to begin their pathway to entrepreneurship.
  • Indecisiveness ~ this is a killer ~ something you think and believe is a great idea – undoubtedly is (for you!) but seeking out validation and support can backfire. This isn’t about their opinion, it is all about your opinion!

Have confidence in yourself. Join different positive networking groups like “Kalon Women”, or seek out the entrepreneur women networks on Linkedin ~ whatever you do, “Do Not Follow The Crowd!”

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