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I follow Kim Komando and subscribe to her email newsletters - I have done this for years - but there is a program I wanted to share with you all.  This is a "Free" program and installs easily on your computer system.  The Secunia Personal Software Inspector ~

Excerpt from Kim Komando:

Secunia is a Danish computer security company.  It's Inspector is "First Class" and important too.  The Personal Software Inspector checks your system for programs that have not been updated.  For instance, on mine it found Adobe Flash Player and Opera.

There were later versions of both available.  My computer is only seven months old and I am careful about updating it.  Secunia does not update the programs.  Rather, it gives you links to the update sites.

(From Judy Here "I did not delete out the older versions of any of my updated programs before I ran Secunia - I wanted to see what Secunia came up with - Like WOW!  I was surprised!  So keep reading - I now have all of my programs updated - old ones removed and Secunia runs in the background - added plus - so it tells me when something is out of date and or a program has changed)

Back with Kim Komando: Now, there's a caveat here too.  I have complaints on my Message Board about Adobe and Sun.  There are notices on Secunia's site too.  Neither company removes the old program when it installs the new.  So Secunia continues to check both.

Before updating the Flash Player, I deleted the old one.  I use Vista. I clicked (Start) >> Control Panel.  Then I double clicked "Programs and Features".

If you use Windows XP,  Double Click (Add or Remove Programs) (in the Control Panel)  In that list of programs, I also found "THREE" Sun Java programs.  Included were the original, installed in January; the first upgrade, from April; and the second upgrade, from August!  Isn't that ridiculous?  I uninstalled the first two.

I had a similar problem on an XP machine.  I deleted the old programs by going through Add or Remove Programs.  Posters on the Message Board were unable to delete the old programs.  I suggest you avoid this by deleting the old programs before upgrading.

Try the method above.  If they aren't there, the path is listed in the Secunia warning.  Use that to find and delete the program.  However, run the Software Inspector "BEFORE" deleting the Sun Java Program.  Otherwise, Software Inspector will not run.

From Judy Here ~ there are all types of scams, malware and spyware out there - even if you think your antivirus is up to date and windows or whatever operating system you use, "YOU" need to be in control of things. I manually update and check things almost daily!

I have a strong firewall, I have my security parameters in check - but that doesn't mean that something could not happen. - Be proactive and make sure that everything is updated.

Use Mozilla Firefox instead of Internet Explorer - you can also use Safari - yes it is an apply program but it works on PC's too!  Also, some people use Opera - this is another great browser!!!

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