Colors to Use (& Avoid) when looking to “Achieve” Specific Results

Colors aren't as clear-cut as words, but there is a loose meaning for most.  And while color usage isn't an exact science, hues definitely can influence the outcome of a direct mail campaign.

Blue Based Reds:  such as 'raspberry red' are associated with more expensive products.

Stick with Yellow Based Reds - 'like tomato red' which is imagined as less expensive.

Use Orange to play up affordability.

Yellow - is the first color the eye sees, and when used with dark colors for high contrast e.g. black type on a yellow background, it becomes more powerful and more easily read.

Choose Green to convey possibility and hope.

Blue connotes confidence and safety, making it a great choice for financial and medical institution mailers.

Purple is especially hot right now, but it's typically used with high fashion, sports teams or sweet treats e.g. chocolates or perfume rather than direct marketing.

Black conveys a strong sense of power, promise and the ability for high contrasts.  Add sheen or matte to black, and it becomes more powerful.

White 'especially when presented tone on tone, implies sophistication and formality - but also a high-end price point.

Taken from Deliver Magazine - written by:  Christine Hansen

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