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An Entrepreneur Does NOT Follow The Crowd!

Entrepreneurs Do Not Follow The Crowd! Think of it this way. Most entrepreneurs have been an employee for most of their working lives. This creates the mindset of “doing things a certain way” and yes, this makes sense. The employer has their own way of doing things, their rules, and their processes. Employees need this.…
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4 Business Hubs in the US to Move Your Startup HQ too…

Moving a startup’s HQ isn’t uncommon. Some entrepreneurs do it as part of scaling, while others want to explore a different market, a few want to be in startup-friendly locations. If you’re thinking of doing the same, you’ll need to first identify business hubs where your startup will most likely thrive. The following four are…
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How Women Entrepreneurs Can Secure Funding For A Startup

How Women Entrepreneurs Can Secure Funding for a Startup Women in the United States own more than 11.6 million businesses, generating $1.7 trillion in sales as of 2017. These women-owned companies employ almost 9 million people, and account for 39 percent of all privately held firms in the country according to the National Association of…
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Goals – Nooo!!! It’s Not About New Ones . . .

Noooo – It’s Not About New Goals . . .  This is Judy talking to Judy and hoping you can find something in here to resonate with! There are two area’s of your life that you have to get straight! The Personal/Mental Side and The Business/Entrepreneurial side! Period! They definitely are connected and if one…
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Women’s Expo Saturday 10/26!

The Women’s Expo – Sacramento Convention Center – from 10 a.m. – 5 p.m. – can’t wait to go!

10 Rookie Marketing Mistakes To Avoid

10 Rookie Marketing Mistakes to AVOID!!!

Visualization ~ Do You Use It?

I have to say, that this is one powerful way to stay on track – Better then a Visualization Board – creating your own movie, customizing it with your pictures, your sayings, utilizing music and affirmations – that is what visualization is all about. I have a picture in my mind of how my life…
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Professional Photo Shoot Sample

Woman Entrepreneur in Sacramento Magazine – Bernadine Zivkovic

Equestrian Dressage & Art Festival . . . .

Idaho Equestrian Dressage Festival featuring Pattie Young and Amanda Koh.

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