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Category: Social Media Marketing Trends

The Successful Entrepreneur embraces change, brainstorms for new solutions, surrounds themself with experts in the area they are weak ~ listens to constructive criticism & networks with like-minded Entrepreneurs.

Embracing Change is a Strength in Entrepreneurs … Do you kick, scream, or throw a tantrum when change comes into play? Are you one of those “We have always done it this way ~ type of people?” If you are, I have to ask, “why are you in business for yourself?” Do you like to…
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Who Is Your Target Audience?

Power of Social Media . . . Knowing Your Target Audience!¬† What you need to know about choosing the most effective social media platforms. ¬† I am floored at how many businesses do not embrace social media – Use a social media strategy – instead of working at being on everything really evaluate where your…
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21 Of The Best Social Media Tools

21 Of the Best Social Media Tools by BrandonGaille This infographic says it all! Key Take Aways: New Tools are coming out all of the time! ¬†The tools listed in this infographic will meet at least one of your needs. ¬†Really know who your “Target Audience” is! ¬†So many times people tell me everyone –…
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15+ Social Media Strategies

You know what? ¬†The cool thing is when someone emails you and wants to know if you would be interested in sharing an infographic they have created that is beneficial to your blog! ¬†That is exactly what has happened! ¬†Introducing . . . Nirav Dave – Founder¬†¬†Capsicum Mediaworks, LLP¬† 15+ Easy Social Media Marketing Strategies…
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