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The Successful Entrepreneur embraces change, brainstorms for new solutions, surrounds themself with experts in the area they are weak ~ listens to constructive criticism & networks with like-minded Entrepreneurs.

Embracing Change is a Strength in Entrepreneurs … Do you kick, scream, or throw a tantrum when change comes into play? Are you one of those “We have always done it this way ~ type of people?” If you are, I have to ask, “why are you in business for yourself?” Do you like to…
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Facebook Marketing For Business & Tips

This is a bit lengthy, a little over one hour, but it is totally worth the information that you will glean! The one thing I learned was about “Facebook Connect” and fortunately, WordPress here has a plugin for “Facebook Connect”. Because of the changes that Facebook made in October, you will notice that the URL…
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Helping YOU Succeed On The Internet . . . .

Let me just say that there are so many things to know – Helping the small business entrepreneur be a success on the internet is key – however, that entrepreneur needs to have an open mind.  Clearing your mind of all preconceived notions, well intentions from others etc.  you will only be creating more of…
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All Things Digital For The Small Business Entrepreneur

How to get started in your Digital Learning for your Business Success

Are You Taking the Time to Network?

Building a strong social network through social media and Email marketing

Digital Magazine ~ WOW!

A digital magazine sample

A Blidget Sample

A Blidget Sample – great idea here

Small Businesses NOT Leveraging Online Tools For Growth!

Small businesses not leveraging online tools for business growth

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