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How to Use Secret Facebook Groups to Enhance Your Business

Taken from:  Social Media Examiner  One of the most underutilized features of Facebook for Businesses is the “SECRET GROUP”! A Secret Group is easy to create and manage Perfect for Small-Group Interaction Facebook originally created Secret Groups for people to have small, intimate interactions with family and friends, but Secret Groups are also perfect for…
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Facebook Marketing For Business & Tips

This is a bit lengthy, a little over one hour, but it is totally worth the information that you will glean! The one thing I learned was about “Facebook Connect” and fortunately, WordPress here has a plugin for “Facebook Connect”. Because of the changes that Facebook made in October, you will notice that the URL…
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Being Unique on Facebook

Did you know that you can create a creative banner for your profile picture on your Facebook Fan Page? Well, you can – I created my banner – a 200 x 600 pixel creation (used photoshop for this) saved as a .jpg and uploaded it! People on Facebook: * More than 500 million active users…
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