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Category: Empowerment

Mental Health & Entrepreneurs

Mental Health & Entrepreneurs ~ we don’t talk about this much. A few weeks ago, I was messing around in the podcast app on my iPhone and stumbled on the “Strange On Purpose” podcasts. (Strange on Purpose is a show hosted by misfits, entrepreneurs, and creatives. They interview some of the top minds on the…
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Those Special Moments

Those Special Moments! I picked the following video’s because they truly touched me! I wanted to share with you as well. What I also want you to know is that the Youth are our future! Let’s lead them into the future with: Encouragement Motivation Backing Creativity Support Peace Did you know that more than 1.2…
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Epilepsy Empowerment and Employment book project

Epilepsy and Empowerment – Melinda Curle – I’m raising funds to write a bestseller that will promote empowerment in the epilepsy community.

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