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An Entrepreneur Does NOT Follow The Crowd!

Entrepreneurs Do Not Follow The Crowd! Think of it this way. Most entrepreneurs have been an employee for most of their working lives. This creates the mindset of “doing things a certain way” and yes, this makes sense. The employer has their own way of doing things, their rules, and their processes. Employees need this.…
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4 Business Hubs in the US to Move Your Startup HQ too…

Moving a startup’s HQ isn’t uncommon. Some entrepreneurs do it as part of scaling, while others want to explore a different market, a few want to be in startup-friendly locations. If you’re thinking of doing the same, you’ll need to first identify business hubs where your startup will most likely thrive. The following four are…
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Age Is No Barrier

By Jenny Holt, Freelance Health Writer  Age Is No Barrier To Starting Your Own Business . . . . Age is ABSOLUTELY no barrier for starting your own business.  The desire to start your business can hit an individual at any age. If you have an idea for a product or service, and see an…
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