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Hands of God

The metaphysics of the guitar has to do with “that extra something” that’s intangible and possibly even indefinable. Some guitars have it. Some don’t. It is variously called “the magic,” “the soul,” “the allure,” and so on, even though these terms can be elastic and elusive. None of this is exactly news to anyone who…
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PTSD ~ Veterans ~ Suicide

Twenty – the average number of Veterans that commit suicide each day! This just blows me away! Suicide in and of itself is horrific. For anyone to feel so alone, so depressed, who cannot see the light – only darkness, that saddens me completely. We live in a time when “Mental Illness” is considered a…
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Do You Still Dream?

Do you Dream? Are you following your passion? What are you doing to bring your purpose to the forefront? You may know what you want to do, but do you know how to make it happen? What if life just gets in the way? You have to get a job, you have to pay the…
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Do You Follow The Crowd?

People that follow the crowd are the type that cannot make up their mind on what will work for them. They are almost afraid to voice their own opinion and simply let the other party know that they don’t agree with an idea or concept. What they don’t understand – just because you don’t agree…
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Free Is Not Free!

Free is NOT Free!  How many times have you clicked on a link (which takes you to the page you need to access) and you are stopped dead in your tracks by a popup asking for your name and email address? That is NOT FREE!  I get so discouraged I just click off.  Obviously, I…
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How Companies Track You Online and Off

How Companies Track You Online and Off . . . . How many times have you opened the internet browser and these stupid ads just pop up!  I don’t know about you, but I find it pretty darn invasive and annoying.  Obviously you are being tracked but how does this happen? Companies now have the…
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How Women Entrepreneurs Can Secure Funding For A Startup

How Women Entrepreneurs Can Secure Funding for a Startup Women in the United States own more than 11.6 million businesses, generating $1.7 trillion in sales as of 2017. These women-owned companies employ almost 9 million people, and account for 39 percent of all privately held firms in the country according to the National Association of…
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Top AI Trends in Mobile Commerce

Mobile Commerce & Top AI (Artificial Intelligence) Driven Trends The AI (Artificial Intelligence) market has gone massive lately.  It is expected to hit $7.35 billion by year end. Today, no industry is naive to AI tools and applications.  (Check out this infographic by Mofluid) While Healthcare, Finance and Automotive are among the first gainers, IT, ITES, Education and…
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