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4 Ways To Create Believers In Your Business …

A gathering of business tips for the Small Business Woman Entrepreneur

4 Ways To Create Believers In Your Business …

The 4 Ways to Create Believers :

  • Communicate the Vision
  • Authentic Approach
  • Gratitude
  • Empowerment

Your company is shaped by the diversity of your people. Whether you’re a Solopreneur or a company of two or more, having a team dedicated to your company’s success is important!

I contacted my Qwoted network of professionals for article ideas to share with my medium audience. Unbelievable comes to mind. The journey to entrepreneurial success sometimes takes years. Learning from those who have walked in your shoes is the greatest lesson we can use.

This is the first in a series of diverse topics where I will be giving great tips and information from successful entrepreneurs to help you glean creative ideas to resolve an issue or get those creative juices flowing. 

Some will be stories of how a former employee went into entrepreneurship. Others will be directly from successful CEOs. Whether you are a solopreneur or company CEO, sharing information is key to our business growth and success.

Enter, Mike Davis, CEO at Mathnasium, with 20+ years of experience leading teams as a CEO, CRO, EVP/GM. 

~ Read on to learn ~ “4 Ways to Create Believers in Your Business!” ~ 

1st ~ Communicate the Vision: The first step in creating believers in your business is communicating the mission and goals of your company along with the steps you intend to take to reach those goals. Explain your story and be honest about both successes and challenges that you’ve faced. 

Pro Tip #1: 

a. It’s crucial to share not just the what but the why behind your mission. Be sure that you communicate these points clearly and simply so others have a full understanding of your vision. By consistently aligning your actions with your mission, you’ll create believers and a loyal following who shares your vision and supports your journey.

2nd ~ Use an Authentic Approach: Building trust in your believers is crucial and you can do so by using an authentic approach and leadership style. It’s important to be physically present and available to be aware of the challenges and victories within your company. However, an authentic approach goes beyond just physical presence. Authentic leaders not only listen but embrace real-talk moments and tough conversations. 

Pro Tip #2:

a. Don’t rely exclusively on employee engagement surveys; instead try communicating with genuine and direct dialogue. By demonstrating authenticity, you’ll create an environment where trust can thrive, ultimately strengthening the bonds with your believers.

3rd ~Show Gratitude: While it may seem simple, showing gratitude is often overlooked in the hustle and bustle of running a business. You should express gratitude regularly to all involved in the success of your business: the shareholders, franchisees, vendors, customers, etc. 

Pro Tip #3: 

a. Gestures such as handwritten notes, employee appreciation events, or shout-outs in company meetings can go a long way in making individuals feel valued and appreciated. This will strengthen relationships between you and those who support you and your business.

4th ~ Empower Believers to Become Advocates: Encourage satisfied customers, dedicated employees, and loyal franchisees to share their experiences and stories with others. When your believers actively promote your business, they not only reinforce their own commitment but also attract new believers. 

Pro Tip #4: 

a. Provide them with the tools and resources to spread the word, such as referral programs, social media campaigns, or testimonials on your website. By giving them a platform to share their enthusiasm, you harness the power of word-of-mouth, which can have a ripple effect, influencing others to trust and support your company.

SOURCE: Mike Davis, CEO of Mathnasium, North America’s leading math-only supplemental education franchise with more than 1,100 learning centers worldwide in 10 countries. 


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