Website Leaking Money?

Website Moving at a Snails Pace

Is Your Website Leaking Money?

There is so much to know about website hosting, what the best format is for your site, if you are selling products or services how to go about it - what Internet Merchant Account should you use etc.  This infographic was created by Hosting Facts and it is a wealth of information!  Read thru the infographic and catch me at the bottom!

Is your website leaking money?

This happens to be something I am familiar with - I recently did this very thing - move my clients and my website hosting to a new hosting agent.  Why?  I have a client that really uses up the bandwidth - and disk quota - and because I was on a shared hosting account - I was constantly going in and updating these two figures - which became a pain in the rear - in order for me to have enough bandwidth and disk quota among other things, I had to move up a tier and spend more money for it.  This one site affected all of my clients sites and it drove me nuts!

I use WordPress.  What I did know was this - yes, I can move all of the files and sites - but it would be a pain in the rear - however, I was introduced to A2Hosting - by Chad Musgrove, ProAdInsight  - and I am glad I took his advice.  A2Hosting has been around for over a decade and the best thing about A2Hosting is "SPEED!" I have my own VPN and the speed is awesome!  They introduced Solid State Drive (SSD) into their shared hosting, which totally helped them to be the #1 hosting agency known for speed.

Their tech support is absolutely awesome!  They know their stuff!  I used to feel this way about HostGator - I had been with them for years and the tech support was great - but I had noticed that the lack of knowledge from Host Gator tech support was becoming more constant.  When I knew more then who was trying to help me, that spoke volumes!

Here are some additional things to consider:

  • Images - you need to resize your images!  In WordPress, the default is to have an additional (3) images to each image that you upload - this was a huge issue with a couple of clients as their images were not resized and it took forever for the page to load because of this issue.
  • If you are using WordPress, set the defaults for images to 0's!  You only need one image uploaded not have a copy of 3 additional ones in the database.
  • Check out - - it is FREE - put in your website domain and watch the tests
  • There are some great tools out there to help your site load quicker - that will be discussed in a later post.

In a nutshell, your site needs to load fast!  If you are using WordPress you will need to utilize some key plugins and tools to keep your site responsive (mobile friendly) and fast!

Don't lose money on your site - know some basics about the web hosting.  If you need additional help just holler.

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