Top 20 Popular WordPress Plugins

Top 20 Popular WordPress Plugins:


One of the great feature of the WordPress is the ability to find a plugin (WordPress Plugins) for almost everything. Since plugins are a big draw to the WordPress platform, it’s becoming crucial to add plugins so as to make things simpler.

Every time you install a new plugin to WordPress, you increase your site’s adaptability and compatibility. Each plugin adds some special quality to your site and enhances its functionality. Downloading and using plugins from the WordPress Plugin Directory makes your tasks easier than ever before.  The plugin provides support for caching, malware scanning, two factor authentication, SPAM Prevention and much more; Plugins are the crucial part of WordPress that are very helpful in creating millions of blogs and websites around the world.

The ability to extend WordPress to fulfill just about any need is a strong motivator for choosing WordPress over other options and this is possible just because of those wonderful plugins that make WordPress just amazing!

To know more about WordPress plugins let’s take a look on below infographic describing “Top 20 Most Popular WordPress Plugins”

Top 20 Popular WordPress PluginsThis Infographic is a very good one.  CMSTOWP created this and wanted me to share it with all of you.  I am absolutely fine with sharing this with you all.  I too use not all of these plugins, but a few of them and they are absolutely right.  Plugins are what enhances your WordPress website.  The stunning sites that I see now, (with WordPress) are because in large part to the thousands of plugins that are available.

The Top 20 Popular WordPress Plugins Infographic is definitely something that I wanted to share on behalf of CMSTOWP.

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