Monetize Your Message!

Monetize Your Message

“Discover the secrets and strategies on how to fully align your business with your life’s purpose, create a compelling spiritual marketing message around it, get that message out there to the masses and monetize your gifts like never before, while doing good in the world.”

What is your Message?

I have been following Fabienne Fredrickson for a couple of years now!  I am very excited that she is going on the road to reach more people like you and me!  She is truly authentic.  She is also a small business entrepreneur and her message is one from her own experiences.  So instead of us going thru all those little lessons, we can learn from her mistakes and also glean great info to push our businesses to the next level!  Click right here to register today!

Fabienne will be in the following cities:

  • Philadelphia - February 11th
  • Washington DC  - Reston, VA - February 12th
  • Charlotte (North City Charlotte) - February 13th
  • Boston (Back Bay Boston) - February 25th
  • New York City (Midtown Manhattan) - February 26th
  • Los Angeles (Downtown Los Angeles) - March 15th

To learn more about this great event - Click right here!  Cost for the event is $45 - So get your tennis shoes on, grab your friend, business partner, or significant other - Register Today to secure your spot!

2013 is the year for change!  The year to move your businesses to the next level.  The year to push out all the stops and move forward like a freight train going 90 miles an hour!  There is so much we can do to move our businesses to the next level!  And learning from someone that has been there, done that, is key!

For those of you in California?  Join me March 15th in Los Angeles!  It will be fun, invigorating, and profitable for us all!  Let's Monetize our Message together!


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