Christmas . . . A Time for Reflection

A Christmas Message

Merry Christmas! 

Christmas is a special time of the year - while it can get very hectic, people just seem to come together to help each other more.  While it can be a rough time for many, it can also be a time to share and bring smiles to the little one's faces.  Seeing their eyes light up with joy is what Christmas is all about.

The one thing that I do enjoy is seeing the many lights that are on display.  In our community people start putting up their lights right after Thanksgiving - and it is just so heartening to see the many different displays.

 This is just a little display of a great little video that I put together - something fun, and something to put that smile on your faces!  Christmas is different when the kids are grown and have families of their own.  It is fun to go and see them, see their smiles and their excitement for what is under the tree!

Christmas music?  Oh my goodness!  They started playing that before Thanksgiving!  That was just a bit too much!  I enjoy Christmas music - but not to hear it over and over again for weeks on end.  For me, Christmas Eve, and Christmas Day are Christmas Music days!  Non-stop!  So, my friends, take a moment to reflect, be thankful for all that you do have, and rejoice with your friends, both the two legged and the four legged kind!

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